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Percentage Level Indicator

Percentage Level Indicator

JMI-Percentage Level Indicator is used to know the level of liquid in storage or process tank. The unit consist of a Percentage Level Sensor mounted inside the tank & a Digital Level Indicator mounted in control room or pump room or user accessible area.


The Percentage Level Sensor is a Magnetic Float Operated Level Sensor with ten set point with each set point equal to 10% of the tank depth. The sensor gives variable resistance output from zero U to 2.5k U. for each set point the output resistance will increase by 250 U.


Digital Level Indicator is a microcontroller bases electronic unit for display of level in percentage. The level is displayed as 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%,…………80%, 90% & 100%. The display is through Seven Segment bright LED display. The unit is connected to Percentage Level Indicator supplied by us. Digital Level Indicator comes with a unique feature of Dual option of Pump control Or Alarm facility. The unit can be used to either switch ON & OFF the pump or provide High & Low Level Alarm by selecting suitable DIP Switch,

Pump ON & OFF is provide in two modes:

  • Pump UP mode:To Fill the tank. Here the pump is ON at Low Level & OFF at High Level. The High & Low Levels are field selectable between ten steps.
  • Pump DOWN mode: To Empty the tank. Here the pump is ON at High Level & OFF at Low Level. The High & Low Levels are field selectable between ten steps.

Auto / Manual selector switch is provided for manual intervention. Similarly Alarm is between Low & High Level which is field selectable between ten steps. Digital Level Indicator also provides optional 4-20mA output. It is very useful for Water Sumps, Overhead Tanks, Diesel Storage Tanks, Diesel Day Oil Tanks, Oil Tanks, Chemical Tanks, Storage Tanks Etc.

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