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Magnetic Level Indicator

Magnetic Level Gauge OR Bi-Color Level Gauge (TOP / SIDE Mounted Type)​​​

Jayshree Metal Industries (JMI) is Leading Manufacturer of Magnetic Level Gauge. MLG working used for visual Level Indication of liquids. Its accuracy engineered & manufactured to indicate accurate, reliable & continuity. These are completely sealed & require no periodic maintenance. These units are alternative & safer than glass level gauge. Magnetic Level Gauge can also use with Transmitter (Float Level transmitter).

JMI has in house facility of manufacturing floats. We make float in S.S, Titanium & other (as per requirements).  Tested floats up to 40kg pressure in Stainless steel & 80kg in titanium material.

Magnetic Level Gauge Working:-

Roller Type: Indicator System is consists of Bi-Color rollers equipped with magnets mounted on the rail inside the housing. As the level starts rising or falling magnets in float & Bi-color rollers causes each roller to rotate 180°. We are providing high & Low-level adjustable switch also.


We have different types of models in Bi-Colour Roller type indicator.
Models: Standard IP65 -01​

Standard Roller Indicator
Channel: Aluminium
Roller Size: 10mm Reading – Aluminium (All colours are available)
Side Scale : S.S Measuring scale (Optional)
Test: IP 65
Standard Aluminum system with aluminum roller with IP65 approval.

Model: Standard IP67 -02

Channel: Aluminium  with moisture free gas
Roller Size:
-Aluminium  (All colours are available)
Side Scale
: S.S Measuring scale (Optional)
Test: IP 67This Model is moisture free, good visibility for long time. Implant gas which stop moisture.

Model: Slim Roller Indicator IP65

Channel: Aluminium Slim-Channel (External part for scale)

Roller Size: 10mm Reading -Aluminium  (All colours are available)

Side Scale : S.S Measuring scale (Optional)

Test: IP 65

This Indicating system is very slim compare with other channels, it has external part for scale which helps to reduce cost .

Model :Big Roller Indicator IP 65

Channel: Aluminum Big Channel (With wide Scale space)

Roller Size : 10mm Reading (Flapper – 25mm wide x 10mm Length)

Side Scale : S.S Measuring scale (Optional)

Test: IP 65

This model is made for our client, it has wide roller with 25mm wide, which can give clear visibility from long distance & has external very wide part for big size scale. (We only sell this model to client who has develop from us)

Model : S.S Roller Indicator – IP65

Channel : S.S 304 / S.S 316 /S.S 316L

Roller Material: S.S 304, 316 or Aluminum

Roller Size: 10mm Reading

Side Scale : S.S Measuring scale (Optional)

Our Design is PATENT REGIS. PATENT No. : 268606

Glass Level Gauge: Indicator system is consists of Bi-Color Capsule which moves in a glass tube inside the housing . As the Level starts rising or falling magnetic float also travels with liquid level in the non-magnetic level chamber. The Magnetic interaction between magnets in float and capsule causes the capsule to travel along with the magnetic float. We are providing high & Low-level adjustable switch also.

Magnetic Level Gauge Advantage:-

  • More reliable & Accurate at High Temp. & pressure.
  • Permanent indication without power supply.
  • Standard unpressurized float system.
  • Safe, Environmentally friendly & maintenance-free construction.
  • Transmitter output 4-20MA (Optional)

Magnetic Level Gauge Application:-

  • Chemical & Fertilizer plant
  • Processing Tanks & Underground tanks
  • Pharmaceutical & Beverage plants
  • Chemical & fertilizer
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